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Lake Odessa Community Library

Annual Report 2013-2014

The Friends supported the library by purchasing award-winning books for the children's area and books for Ionia County's On-the-Same-Page program.  Friends also bought a projector to benefit group programs and a Wii game system for teens and juniors.  In total $1,263.18 was gifted to the library.

Friends board members supported the Capital Campaign by serving on, and chairing, many committees and activities.  The Friends donated $3,500 to the Capital Campaign.

Friends held their annual Festival of Tables in April and the Tea Time at the Library in November.  In addition, circulation of their quarterly newsletter was expanded to over 500, which helped in signing up four new lifetime members.

Assets as of April 1, 2013    $4,788.18
Assets as of April 1, 2014    $4,272.19

2013 Tea at the Library